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Glow Facials

Skin Treatment Therapies

Skin Pen

FDA -cleared microneedling for accelerated collagen formation to tighten skin, acne scars, stretch marks, and reduce hyperpigmentation. 

$350 Single Session

$900 Three Sessions (save $150)

Glow Beachside Facial 

Our signature custom 60-minute facial includes a personalized experience to cleanse, hydrate, steam, exfoliate, massage, mask, moisturize, and perform extractions and customization of skincare tools based upon your concerns to achieve overall balanced beautiful skin. $95

Tranquility Facial

Peace and tranquility underlie this aromatherapy facial with the scent of Blue Lotus distinctly floral and green that makes for a deeply meditative massage (scalp, face, neck, decollete, shoulders, arms, and hands). Also includes cleanse, steam, exfoliation, masking, face/eye serum, and lip balm. $95 

Offered as a back treatment as well $175 

Sea Salt Healing Facial

Breathe in pure oxygenated water while sea salt spray gently mends your mind and your skin, sinking into your psyche and your pores. Includes massage (scalp, face, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, and decollete) exfoliation and masked with 14,000-year-old Canadian glacial clay that not only releases powerful rare Earth elements and marine actives for optimal replenishing, but detoxifies the skin. 

Offered as a back treatment as well $175

Calming Earth Facial

Get in touch with Mother Nature for soul soothing steam infused with an herbal blend that supports respiratory system cells combined with warm towels soaked in healing spring water infused with skin-loving herbs and warmed reaching deep into the cellular level of your skin. Masked with Mother Earth clay for skin exfoliating and softening. Your skin and psyche will feel refreshed and calmed. $95

Offered as a back treatment as well $175 

Chinese Eye De-Puffing Treatment

Alchemy Eye Elixir combined with Chinese ritual massage finger pattern and Mount Lai Bian stones to drain eye area, speed lymphatic drainage, and tone delicate eye skin and muscle. Finally, a crystal mask blankets the eyes encompassing your orbicularis oris muscle to increase eye circulation, pull heat from and drain the sinuses, as well as pinpoint acupressure points to correlate with healing. This can be an add-on or stand alone treatment. 30 minutes. $75

Treatment Add-Ons

  • Microdermabrasion $20 

  • Dermaplaning $25

  • Chinese Eye De-Puff $75


  • Brow Wax (shaping included) $20

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