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Skin Care

Bio Lift Infusion Facial

Advanced age-reversing skin treatment using microcurrent technology to tighten and lift from the muscular layer to the skin’s surface. This treatment stimulates acupuncture meridians giving a euphoric calming effect, and creates lymphatic drainage to improve circulation and healing. Lasting results when done in a series. 1 treatment=$145 or 5 treatments=$575 or the ultimate deal of 10 treaments=$990


Dermalogica 30 Minute Beginner Facial

Jump start your skin with a gentle exfoliation and hydration treatment to balance out lackluster skin.


Dermalogica 30 Minute Intermediate Facial

Boost your skin with exfoliants to excite new cell production while infusing essential vitamins to combat signs of aging. Add Microderm=$65


Dermalogica 60 Minute Advanced Facial

Revive your skin with a customized skin treatment (microdermabrasion, Vitamin C etc) and lymphatic massage for your face, neck, and chest. Detoxify and rejuvinate tired, acne-prone, sensitive, or aging skin. Add Microderm=$95


Dermalogica 60 Minute Pro-Power Peel

Super charged workout for your skin cells to lighten dark spots, tighten lines and wrinkles, and clear acne breakouts quickly. Add Microderm=$120


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